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Unboxing Hot Toy’s Batman Begins 1/6th Scale Tumbler


Dark Knight Trilogy 1/6th Scale Batmobile

“Does it come in black?”

The moment Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne uttered those immortal words in the modern Batman reboot, we all knew the iconic Batmobile would be receiving a fresh makeover.

In the end, Batman’s trusted vehicle was no less epic for the transformation. There are so many classic versions of the car which are almost impossible to surpass (we’re thinking the 1989 and 1966 Batmobiles), but credit goes to director Christopher Nolan and his design team for coming up with a unique interpretation to match the tone of the darker, gritty, and more grounded version of DC Comic’s legendary Gotham superhero story.

Hot Toy’s prized collectable 1/6th scale Batman Begins model of the iconic Tumbler vehicle currently carries a whopping £649.99 pricetag, so step into the Batcave with us as we give our honest thoughts on the set…

Hot Toys Batmobile packaging

Its not often we talk about how products are packaged, but when you spend a small fortune on a collectable, you expect the product to be housed in something bespoke and artistic.

The 1/6 scale Hot Toys Batmobile Tumbler doesn't disappoint on this front – the outer box is not something you would want to rip open. The top layer of card is equally pleasing, with a printed image of the vehicle set against a backdrop of what appears to be a dystopian ruin of Gotham City. The print is well worth framing or keeping as a makeshift background for the model.

Hot Toys Batmobile foam box

The assembly instructions include a similar printed image. We also have to mention the heavy-grade polystyrene box used to protect the model. Something about the grey appearance and the black straps makes this epic container feel like a storage container for plutonium, à la Back to the Future…

Hot Toys Batmobile vehicle

At last, we got our first glimpse of the vehicle itself – once you have the model in your hands, you can truly appreciate the rich black armour and solid, weighty build. This is truly a collectable, not a toy.

Hot Toys Batmobile wheels and brake flaps

After removing the protective film from the windows and wheels, we installed the various brake flaps. This was fairly straightforward, although it was pretty fiddly to get them to connect into place. There is a risk of damaging the pieces here, so special care is needed.

Hot Toys Batmobile assembling brake flaps

Hot Toys Batmobile more assembly

Hot Toys Batmobile engine

Once everything was attached, we took time to admire the details of the jet-style engine and dials. You can also see how thick and realistic the high-tread military tires are.

We were not overly impressed with the sliding, retractable roof, which doesn't operate as smoothly as you would expect, flapping around unsteadily when you try to open it. Getting our Batman Hot Toys figurine inside the cockpit was also tricky. As you can see, he did not climb inside as gracefully as in the films!

Hot Toys Batmobile retractable roof

Once inside, the figure stays securely in the seat and adds a fun final touch. This model also includes several external lights, although collectors may want to invest in an additional lighting kit for something more eye-catching.

Hot Toys Batmobile batman action figure

Is the Batman Begins Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Scale Tumbler Worth Buying?

This is tough, as the model represents a substantial financial investment for the price. That said, if you are looking for a definitive collectable model of the iconic modern military-conversion Batmobile, you won’t find anything close to this version’s sturdiness, look, proper attention to detail, feel and size.

There were a few occasions we almost scratched our set while assembling parts and moving it around, so we consider it essential to display the model inside a bespoke furniture-style display case. With our specially-tailored furniture-style coffee table, your model will be a true living room centrepiece, protected from accidental damage behind our enhanced, extra thick 6mm acrylic panels and supported on a glossy black timber base.

We also sell a customised standard clear acrylic display case as a smaller option which is perfect for exhibiting your Tumbler model on a shelf or table while keeping it dust-free behind 3mm clear acrylic. We also have an XL Tumbler display case with a wider fit to accommodate official Hot Toys Batman figures.

Hot Toys Batmobile on show


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