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Why You Should Choose iDisplayit Over Other Brands To Display Your LEGO Sets


picture of various LEGO sets in acrylic display cases and on acrylic stands

iDisplayit is a family-run business with over 17 years of experience supplying display solutions to the retail industry and customers. They were the first manufacturer in the UK to create bespoke display solutions for LEGO. They also produce acrylic cases for other collectables like Hot Toys and Be@rbrick.

pictures of multiple different LEGO sets in acrylic display cases

All products are designed and produced in-house, with a dedicated team that cares about how their role will impact the customer’s experience.


The iDisplayit display cases utilise a uniquely designed KDF fitting that uses fewer screws than other brands, so they are easier to assemble. The fittings are made from clear plastic, making them more subtle than other designs that use metal blocks. The cases are made from clear acrylic, and you can choose from a white or black smooth base.

pictures of acrylic display cases with printed backgrounds and base images

Some display cases have the option of a vinyl background to help make the display look fantastic. These images come pre-applied to the panel, making assembly simpler for customers. For specific displays, iDisplayit also offers vinyl print for the base and direct printing on the front panel to elevate the presentation even further

pictures of a Hot Toys figure, LEGO and Bearbricks in acrylic cases

iDisplayit’s range of cases is growing constantly, from the most recent LEGO releases to wall-mounted display cases for 100 Be@rbrick. If you are a collector, iDisplayit has you covered.

pictures of LEGO vehicles on acrylic stands


Along with a myriad of acrylic display cases, iDisplayit also produces acrylic display stands for your vehicles and spaceships. These come in flat or angled styles, so you can add some motion to your displays. All iDisplayit’s products are sent flat packed (the acrylic has a protective film covering to help protect it in transit) with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary fittings and screws.


pictures of various different collectables in acrylic display cases

iDisplayit’s customer service is elite, as it is provided by people who care about the products they produce and the customers they serve. Future support is also available if you unfortunately damage your case. Replacement panels and fittings can be purchased rather than a whole new case. The lead times for iDisplayit projects are generally overestimated, so it is more than likely that you will receive your order prior to that date.

pictures of megablox sets in acrylic display cases

Regarding shipping, every order is carefully packed by human hands and quality-checked several times before the final packing stage to ensure that customers receive the best possible product. Only reputable couriers are used to ship orders, which are tracked and insured. iDisplayit not only ships nationwide but also globally.

pictures of LEGO sets in acrylic display case

From the first seed of an idea through the production process to packing, the customer experience is at the heart of everything iDisplayit does.

picture of lots of LEGO Minifigures in an acrylic display case


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