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The iDisplayit Difference

We are a family run business. No impersonal corporate nonsense. We treat you like people and not just numbers on a spreadsheet. We understand the value you put into your collectibles and want to help you preserve and enhance the emotional and finiancial value.

Our Products

  • Made in the UK - Unlike most products that you find in the shops, we design and manufacture our products right here in the UK, by our skilled workforce. Each staff member cares about how their role will affect your experience.
  • Best Quality Products - From design to quality control. We're human, so we'd be lying if we say we don't make mistakes. We reasure you that if we make a mistake, we will rectify it as soon as possible.
  • Unique Design - We designed our own flat packed fittings. They use less screws and more subtle, since they are made from clear plastic. Most other designs use the standard off the shelf metal blocks, which stand out and require multiple small screws.

Our Service

  • Best Customer Service - Real people who care about delivering you the best product and service.
  • Realistic Lead Times - We usually over estimate our lead times, so you're more likely to receive your order before our estimated times. If we run over time, we always get in touch to let you know what's happening.
  • Future Support - If your display case should get damaged in the future, rest assured you can easily purchase replacement parts, so you don't have to buy a whole new case.