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Why Acrylic Display Cases Are Better Than Glass


Why Acrylic Display Cases Are Better Than Glass

Traditionally, glass cabinets, boxes, and vitrines were the primary display products of choice for valuable collectables and pop-culture favourites. Today, most experts on exhibiting collectibles recommend acrylic, an adaptable, practical material suited to public displays, home set-ups, and shopfronts.

But why is acrylic superior to glass, and why is it the preferred material for LEGO and toy display experts such as iDisplayit, BOXXCO and Wicked Brick?

What Is Acrylic?

Also known as plexiglass, acrylic is a shatter-resistant, flexible form of plastic that enjoys strength and versatility when used on DIY projects and professionally designed presentation boxes. It is available in a spectrum of colours and opacities, including 100% clear acrylic favoured for use on display cases.

Thanks to its clear, durable construction, acrylic is the material of choice for display cases and stands – a vital marketing tool for showcasing products to the public or building a collection to be proud of at home.

LEGO Titanic display case

Acrylic: Clearer Than Glass

To the non-initiated, it may be surprising to learn that acrylic is more transparent than glass, as the superior reflective quality of glass means it is more prone to intense glare and reflections from light sources. While ideal for producing mirrors, these reflections will obscure the view of LEGO and collectibles placed inside exhibition cases or display counters.

Acrylic products, on the other hand, enjoy subtle reflections and do not suffer from reflective glare – check out the above display case from iDisplayit, which also utilises a vinyl background and timber base to enhance the look of the Titanic LEGO set.

Acrylic: Cheaper Than Glass

Putting aside other practical advantages of acrylic, it is worth pointing out that acrylic raw materials are cheaper than glass. For LEGO display manufacturers, this means that large presentation displays such as the above will remain more affordable for collectors.

Acrylic: Safer Than Glass

Imagine accidentally dropping an acrylic display case onto the floor. If you’re lucky, the acrylic panels may only break loose or suffer minor scratches. At worst, a panel may crack and need replacing. By comparison, glass boxes are almost certain to smash into hundreds of sharp, dangerous shards, which can be dangerous to dispose of, not to mention the cost of replacing the product. Acrylic display products are designed to withstand heavier impact than glass, with better weight bearing and support for your models.

LEGO display products

Acrylic: Flexible Display Products That Are Easy to Maintain

Whether you want to display a large collection of small LEGO models, Hot Toys figures or your favourite lightsabers, there are plenty of online acrylic options. In contrast, glass displays tend to be more specialist.

Take iDisplayit, for example, who produce wall-mounted and tabletop displays for tiny LEGO minifigures, display cases for specific LEGO models, and even bespoke furniture-style units for living rooms or an exhibition centrepiece. For those who do not have the room required for cases, they also provide display stands, ideal for Star Wars ships and similar builds.

Acrylic display cases are also designed to be wiped clean of settling dust and other contaminants using a simple cloth and cleaning products. Directly cleaning LEGO sets and other collectibles is less straightforward, with hard-to-reach elements and the risk of damaging the models. It can also be frustrating when cloth fibres or brush bristles catch and get caught on sharp edges or bricks.

For a more in-depth guide on cleaning LEGO sets, check out this article.

LEGO display cases


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