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Universal Studios Acquire Land in Bedfordshire – New UK Theme Park on The Way?


Universal Studios Acquire Land in Bedfordshire – New UK Theme Park on The Way?

For anyone living in the UK, the dream of going to Universal Studios usually raises the prospect of long-haul travel to faraway locations in the USA or Japan. The theme park is synonymous with Los Angeles and similar holiday destinations and is not something that residents of the UK would usually expect to find on their own shores.

There is something distinctly American about large-scale theme parks. To put it in perspective – Alton Towers, the largest theme park in the UK, would only be considered a normal-sized park by US standards.

But all that could be about to change within the next decade, following the news that the Universal media empire’s parks division has purchased a large plot of land in Bedfordshire, covering nearly 500 acres. Less than an hour from London and within easy reach of Luton airport, the plot could soon turn into the UK’s very own Universal Studios resort.

Universal Studios UK?

Is Universal Studios Coming to the UK?

Speaking to a national British newspaper, a spokesperson for Universal Destinations and Experiences said, “We recently acquired land in Bedford and are at the early stages of exploring its feasibility for a potential park and resort at this site.”

This is exciting news for not only thrill seekers but also fans of LEGO and associated geek culture from Star Wars, Harry Potter and beyond. Unlike rollercoaster and thrill ride havens like Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal resorts tend to focus on themed areas, family-friendly fun and immersive experiences appealing to a large fanbase.

Universal Studios UK?

Is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Coming to the UK?

Universal Studios Hollywood boasts the popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter, an entire section of the park dedicated to JK Rowling’s magical movies and books, where guests can visit Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, choose a wand at Ollivander’s store, drink a pint of butterbeer, clash with dragons, or take flight with Hippogriffs on Hagrid’s rollercoaster.

The prospect of a new Universal resort opening in the UK raises the immediate question of whether a similar Harry Potter zone could open, especially as the story takes place in England, with famous locations such as Kings Cross Station located in the nearby city of London. Perhaps guests may finally be able to travel for real from Kings Cross Station on their very own Hogwarts Express, taking them close to the park’s gates…

We’re only speculating at the moment, but the potential opening of the park does lead us to wonder whether the UK may eventually host the world’s greatest Harry Potter destination – It is certainly a spellbinding prospect for collectors of Harry Potter LEGO.

Universal Studios UK?

Nintendo, Jurassic Park, Back to The Future and More

Universal Studios resorts host more than just Harry Potter, with fan-favourite franchises such as Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and more recently, Nintendo, enjoying their own rides, attractions and themed areas in the parks.

With all these thrilling Universal movie brands enjoying plenty of fun LEGO sets over the years, the new UK Universal Studios will be a number one destination for brick enthusiasts when it opens.

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