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Star Wars Party Planning From Polis Massa


Star Wars Party Props & Ideas

With less than one day to go to May Fourth, it’s time to start planning your out-of-this-world party. We’ve had a think and scanned the Galaxy to find some ideas to help you create the BEST Star Wars party.

Star Wars Celebration Party


After trawling through many galaxies, we stumbled across a company called Party Delights. They have a fantastic range of all things party (as the name would suggest) and they offer a superb selection of Star Wars items from bunting, tablecloths, paper plates and cups and cardboard cutouts, characters and scenes. You and your friends can have your photo taken onboard the Star Destroyer Bridge or standing next to Wicket. Party Delights also offers a range of Star Wars costumes for both adults and children; Rebel and Imperial. Use your lightsaber to bring down the pinata or pin the crossbow on Chewie - your imagination is your best friend.

Disney World Star Wars Food Drink Recipes


Parties are all about the food, essentially finger food so we’ve had a perusal as to what will be good to offer the Calamari and the Wookies at your party. StarWars.com has some mouth-watering ideas, but do remember to check if there are any allergies or dietary requirements among your guests. The Ewok Sushi is an absolute must and we can assure you, no Ewoks were harmed in the making of this! Also, Porg potatoes, because they are totally adorable. There is a wide variety of Star Wars themed cookbooks available if you prefer to have a tangible recipe to follow, we suggest:

These beautiful books are all available from Amazon or maybe a trader in Mos Espa could help you out for the right price.

Mandalorian & Star Wars Music Party


We tried to track down the manager of The Max Rebo Band to ascertain availability but the number was disconnected, so you might be able to find the Jizz-Wailers playing at a tavern near you. Failing that, the various Star Wars soundtracks are the obvious choice for any Star Wars themed event. One of our favourites is The Mandalorian: Chapter One (available on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify), however, there is also a compilation CD, Star Wars Stories and this has music from the Mandalorian, Solo and Rogue One.


To keep your guests entertained it’s always good to have a friendly game of Sabacc going on, but just make sure no one bets their transport home! As there are said to be over 80 versions of Sabacc across the galaxies, it is always good to clarify the rules before playing. We have found a handy guide for you that should prevent any unnecessary blaster fire. For those preferring to play a more thoughtful and logical game, Holochess is well renowned throughout space and can provide an entertaining experience - just don’t let the Wookie play. Not forgetting, of course, you can always fire up the console and have some fun with Star Wars Battlefront or Battlefront 2.

We hope this guide has given you some ideas and we hope you have a great time whatever you choose to do on May Fourth!

May The Force Be With You.

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