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New DC Documentary Debuts On 20th July


New DC Documentary

This week sees the premiere of a new three-part original documentary series on 20th July, charting the rise and evolution of the DC brand over more than 85 years.

Superpowered: The DC Story will initially debut on Max, the US-only streaming service, though it will eventually make its way to other services following release. Check out the trailer for the documentary here.

DC Superheros

What Is The New DC Documentary About?

The show will detail the company’s origins as one of the world’s oldest American comic book creators, going on to explore how they eventually expanded by introducing new characters and branching into other mediums such as film and gaming.

The first DC comic book was published in 1937 when the company was based in New York City’s Manhattan borough. Episode one, The Hero’s Journey, will focus on this stage of DC history by focusing on three initial core characters: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

The second episode, Coming of Age, will look at the company’s foray into film production during a period of declining comic book sales. During this time, the company also sought to break boundaries by publishing comics aimed solely at adults with the new Vertigo imprint.

In the final episode, A Better Tomorrow, the filmmakers will explore conversations with a diverse team of creators about how DC can give a voice to marginalised characters and embrace a more inclusive future for the brand.

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The original DC documentary is co-directed by the Academy Award-nominated Leslie Iwerks and Emmy Award-nominated Mark Catalena, whose previous productions include Recycled Life, The Pixar Story, Stardust: The Bette Davis Story, and Johnny Carson: King of Late Night. Rosario Dawson, the famed actress from TV shows such as The Mandalorian, also provides narration.

To bolster the production, the documentary makes use of over sixty new and archive interviews with actors, artists, executives and similar creatives who have contributed to DC’s success over the years.

Batman Shadowbox LEGO

New DC LEGO Releases

The answer to whether there would be new epic LEGO DC sets for 2023 was answered by the arrival of the Batcave – Shadow Box 76252 in June. This love letter to the 1990s Michael Keaton-era of the Caped Crusader offers fans a chance to display the iconic Bat Cave in both an open position filled with authentic details and in a closed configuration showcasing the pop-culture Batman silhouette. When displayed in the closed style, the retro-inspired movie collectable mimics a shadowbox, adding 3D depth and exhibitive style to the model. Read all about our thoughts on the set here.

Other Batman-inspired sets released this year include Batmobile: The Penguin Chase 76181 and THE BATMAN – BATCYCLE 42155. It remains to be seen whether the LEGO brand will look to release brick-built models of other fan favourites such as Superman, Wonder Woman or The Flash, though we’re keeping our batwings crossed…

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