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Check Out These Six Dynamic Dune LEGO MOCs

Don't MOC me, I'm building!

picture of Dune scenes created in LEGO

With Dune still fresh in our minds as the second movie released on 1st March 2024 and the 10327 LEGO Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter released on 1st February 2024, it seemed only right to look at Dune in June.

We used Rebrickable to check out the vast array of Dune MOCs that are available, both free and paid. We have compiled a list of our six favourite MOCs, in no particular order. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

picture of LEGO Dune Arakeen Palace

Arrakeen Dune Palace by ervinache2009

Piece Count: 930

Instruction Cost: $5

Model #: MOC 179646

This is a micro-scale build of the Arrakeen Palace. Fantastic use of tiny pieces to create this angular build. You can almost feel the power of the sandworm vibrating under the sand.

picture of LEGO Baron Harokonnen brickheadz MOC

Baron Harkonnen Dune Brickheadz by cheesebricks

Piece Count: 174

Instruction Cost: $1

Model #: MOC 176001

These instructions include the build steps for both the standard-size Brickheadz and the iconic floating style of the Baron. The inventory shows the pieces required for both builds. 

This is an awesome build, extremely accurate and would definitely fit right into anybody's Brickheadz collection. We love the use of grey tiles to create the details on the clothing.

picture of LEGO mini Ornithopter with sunset in the background

Mini DUNE Ornithopter by zunderbilch

Piece Count: 61

Instruction Cost: FREE

Model #: MOC 182775

Many of us would like to own the LEGO 10327 Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter but don’t have the available space, so this 61-piece MOC is the perfect solution! This amazing micro Ornithopter has incredible detail for a little vehicle and having it on the clear stand makes it easier to display as it is essentially going to be above things.

picture of LEGO Dune diorama with desert background

Dune Diorama by LordKevep

Piece Count: 330

Instruction Cost: FREE

Model #: MOC 180338

This is a very effective use of pieces to create this awesome diorama of the ornithopter flying away from the sandworm; love the clear stand again to provide depth. This MOC wouldn't look out of place next to the LEGO 75380 Star Wars Mos Espa Podrace Diorama set.

LEGO Paul Atreides Brickheadz and sandworm brickheadz

Muad'dib & Shai-Hulud Dune Brickheadz by Jeffy-O

Piece Count: 310

Instruction Cost: $3

Model #: MOC 75867

We do enjoy Brickheadz, and this duo of Paul Atreides in his stillsuit with crysknife and maker hook standing beside the sandworm is fantastic. We believe that Frank Herbert himself would be impressed with these brickbuilt creations.

LEGO Dune crawler MOC

Dune - Spice Harvester by BomingYou

Piece Count: 1,350

Instruction Cost: FREE

Model #: MOC 173245

This is a big old unit, just like the Harvesters (Crawlers) in the movie, and the instructions are free. It is a brilliant representation of an iconic vehicle and cleverly uses Technic pieces for the tracks. This is an amazing creation; you can almost smell the Spice just by looking at it. 

Do you have the LEGO 10327 Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter or any Dune related MOCs that you want to protect from the elements? Check out the full range of display cases and stands at idisplayit.co.uk to save you hours of awkward dusting.

LEGO cactus in acrylic display case


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