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Create Your Own Mini LEGO Amusement Park


LEGO Mini Amusement Park

Nothing beats a trip to your local theme park – the sight of rollercoasters on the tracks, thrill rides in full swing, the sound of screams and the smell of hotdogs.

Creating a LEGO amusement park of your own is a great way to use your imagination and have fun by combining existing LEGO sets. But we don’t all have the space for a full-sized LEGO city theme park at home. In this blog post, we look at a few affordable sets to get you started on constructing your own mini amusement park to fit easily in your bedroom or living room.

This is a fun project to put together, so grab your bricks and let's build!

LEGO amusement park minifigures

How Do You Build a Mini LEGO Theme Park?

There are some great mini-scale LEGO sets out there to get you started – how you combine them as a diorama is up to you! That said, we would recommend pinching some greenery, such as trees and flowers from some of your other sets to brighten up your scenery. You could also borrow minifigures, fairground stalls or attractions from larger sets such as the Loop Coaster (10303) to fill in the spaces between rides.

LEGO Mini Disney Castle display

Mini Disney Castle (40478)

The Mini Disney Castle (40478) is priced at £34.99 and is the perfect centrepiece for your park, instantly turning your amusement centre into your own version of Disney World, complete with a Mickey Mouse minifigure to entertain guests. The iconic Cinderella Castle recreates the attraction from Disney’s flagship Magic Kingdom Park in Florida and was released to coincide with Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary.

There’s magic everywhere with this set – we love the golden blue colour scheme and the attention to detail in the pearlised towers and opalescent rooftop cones.

LEGO Disney Haunted Mansion display

Mini Disney the Haunted Mansion (40521)

Another Disneyland miniature display, Disney’s The Haunted Mansion (40521), is priced at £34.99 and makes a fine accompaniment to the Cinderella castle. This famous ride includes a Butler minifigure and plenty of hidden details inside the mansion, such as the portraits of Madame Leota, the Gravekeeper and the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

This collectable brick-built set includes a detailed interior complete with a chandelier, gallery and dining room. LEGO collectors and amusement park fans will love the haunting, scary style this mini construction set will add to their park.

Microscale LEGO Brand Store 40305 display

Microscale LEGO Brand Store (40305)

The LEGO Brand Store (40305) is quite unassuming as a stand-alone set. But it makes an ideal accompaniment to a mini Lego theme park. Every park needs a gift shop, and this detailed façade fits in smoothly, with flags, a store sign, and interiors with products and shelves.

You can move the modular building sections around to personalise your store-front design or even use some of the LEGO-themed stickers included with the set elsewhere in the park.

The set is retired, so you will have to hunt one down through eBay, Amazon, or another online supplier.

Carnical Thrill Coaster LEGO

Which Small-Scale Mini LEGO Rollercoasters Can I Buy?

You can buy plenty of large, epic LEGO rollercoaster sets, though most of these would overshadow the mini sets and look better in a full-scale amusement park.

One fun mini thrill ride option might be the retired Carnival Thrill Coaster (10771), which also fits with the Disney theme. This set includes a very cute Alien minifigure alongside Buzz Lightyear from Pixar’s Toy Story 4. The coaster track is also ideally sized to fit in alongside your other mini sets and, as a bonus, includes an adorable ice cream wagon with a pizza and balloon.

You might also look at topping up your amusement park’s minifigure staff and guest supply with the Fairground MF Acc. Set (40373), priced at a very affordable £11.99. This set includes a buildable mini fairground shooting range, 2 employees and 2 guests.

No theme park is complete without a classic fairground ride, so why see if you can track down the popular Ferris Wheel (31119) set to round things off? The model also includes a balloon cart, ticket booth, 5 brick-built minifigures and a dog.

LEGOLAND The Dragon ride

Does LEGO Have a Real Amusement Park?

If you need some mini theme park inspiration, head down to LEGOLAND Windsor in the UK, LEGOLAND California in the US, or LEGOLAND Deutschland in Europe.

The UK Branch of LEGOLAND first opened on 17th March 1996 with a fantastic variety of rides and attractions, all built from LEGO bricks and shapes.

LEGO Mini Disney Castle display

How To Display Your LEGO Mini Amusement Park

If you are looking for something to protect your showcase set from dust and damage without distracting attention away from the models, then look no further than iDisplayit’s high-quality custom display cases made from transparent acrylic.

Find the perfect case to house your entire LEGO mini amusement park by viewing our containers by size.

We also have cases available for individual models – check out the Mini Disney Castle Display Case for LEGO 40478 as seen above!

Prices correct at time of blog publication.


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