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Five New Bricklink Designer Programme Sets Now Available to Pre-Order


Bricklink Designer Program

Today sees advance orders open on a new range of Bricklink Series 1 LEGO sets, designed as an engaging, challenging project for experienced builders.

The latest series includes five different buildings, covering an eclectic range of periods and styles, including a Parisian street, a medieval castle, and a store from the American Wild West – pre-ordering starts at 8 AM Pacific time (4 PM in the UK), so don’t wait around.

What Is the Bricklink Designer Program?

Similar to LEGO Ideas, the BDP (Bricklink Designer Program) offers experienced LEGO fans a chance to design complex sets, with the chance that their project will eventually be made purchasable by the community.

After a public ballot, the five sets with the most votes are put forward to be pre-ordered by enthusiasts. All sets that receive over 3,000 pre-orders will then be produced up to 20,000 times as a limited run through the Bricklink website. This is one of the main differences between the BDP and LEGO Ideas, whose winning entries instead enter general LEGO production, often with considerable changes made by the LEGO design team.

Old Train Engine Shed

Old Train Engine Shed

By Mind_the_Brick

The LEGO designer behind this MOC was highly influenced by mid-century train sheds, particularly the kind you would see in remote parts of Europe and America, surrounded by busy railways and industry.

Our eye is immediately drawn towards external details such as the draisine (the personnel-ferrying cart seen on the rails to the left), which adds an authentic detail to the scene, along with the wonderful use of creeping plants and different shades of brick to convey age on the shed building. The electricity pylon also adds to the setting, with pleasing details like the blue bird resting on top and the hazard sign at the bottom.

Old Train Engine Shed

The rich green door opens to reveal the interior (which can also be accessed by removing the roof), containing a worthy assortment of workshop accessories, such as an old lathe, a vice, a bench drill press, welders, mallets, hammers and more.

With strong attention to detail throughout, this model would make a worthy addition to any LEGO train scene dioramas, and we expect it to prove popular with rail history enthusiasts.

Mountain Fortress

Mountain Fortress

By SleeplessNight

This stunningly detailed medieval castle is one of the finest fan-inspired Lions Knight concepts we’ve seen. From the harsh winter snow and frozen foliage to the intricate heraldry above the gate, this is a truly epic building worthy of any LEGO castle setup.

The Mountain Fortress listing contains an in-depth summary of the official fantasy story behind the model: an exciting tale of a scorned baroness and an abducted king! But the nine themed LEGO Minifigures can be adapted to form a range of display and play scenarios, limited only by imagination.

Parisian Street 

Parisian Street

By NicolasCarlier

This gorgeous, brick-built Paris street scene is a must-have for anyone putting together a large-scale diorama of the famous City of Love, with authentic Haussmann-style facades and a rich cast of minifigure characters.

The ground floor hosts a bakery, a flower shop, and a bistro on the corner, along with an arched alleyway on the right. The second floor also contains luxury home interiors, while the third and fourth floors reveal additional apartments, one with its own roof terrace.

With an impressive 16 decal stickers included to enhance the detail, this is a model we could happily stare at for hours until we inevitably book a Eurostar trip to visit the city for real.

General Store

General Store

By llucky

Harking back to the classic Lego Wild West theme, this 1852 general store is a delightful interpretation of the mining town general store that would have once been seen across the American Wild West. With "gold fever" the spirit of the times, the store contains plenty of prospecting equipment, dynamite, and more practical necessities such as food and drink (mostly bourbon, we're guessing).

The run-down, dusty aesthetic lends this model a true Spaghetti Western feel, heightened by the inclusion of a four-wheeled wagon pulled by several horses.

Snack Shack

Snack Shack

By DistractedBldr

Pop-up and mobile food enterprises are fashionable in the LEGO world at present, following on the heels of the recent Retro Food Truck gift with purchase. This fan-concept offering takes us to a beach in the middle of summer, with a stylishly angled palm tree and hungry seagull waiting to swoop down on an unsuspecting bag of fries. The fan builder’s visit to Key West (Florida) inspired the design, which mimics a retro travel trailer.

The interior kitchen area includes a deep fryer, milkshake machine, press grill, condiment station and a fridge, with two LEGO Minifigures to add character to the scene. This is the ideal set for anyone looking for an easy addition to a beach-side diorama.


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