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LEGO Set Reveal – Creator 3in1 Sea Animals 31158


LEGO Set Reveal – Creator 3in1 Sea Animals 31158

“The human world, it’s a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they’ve got up there!” – Sebastian (The Little Mermaid).

Okay, we’re not talking about The Little Mermaid today, but we are going under the sea with the latest LEGO Creator 3in1 reveal – Sea Animals 31158.

There is a certain mindfulness to be found beneath the ocean waves, with a watery world that still remains as mysterious and uncharted as outer space to humanity and where all our surface-world problems feel largely insignificant.

The latest Creator 3in1 set offers collectors a chance to build a colourful seabed scene in three ways, utilising different animals. Let’s pop our snorkels on and take a look…

LEGO Sea Animals 31158

What Is the Release Date for LEGO Sea Animals 31158?

The new LEGO Creator 3in1 nature set will be available from 1st March 2024.

How Much Is the LEGO Creator Sea Animals Set?

The model is priced at £24.99 – see it at LEGO online.

What Is the Brick Count?

The LEGO 31158 set comprises 421 pieces.

LEGO Sea Animals 31158

LEGO Creator 3in1 Sea Animals 31158 – Features

This LEGO Creator set is primarily aimed at younger builders, making it a fantastic birthday gift idea to spark creativity and interest in marine biology and what lies beneath the sea.

The three customisable, buildable underwater scenes all look fantastic, combining cute creatures with a colourful seabed, volcanic rock, and plant life. Depending on the selected layout, the model features two fish, a big turtle, a jellyfish, a sea horse, a red crab, or a large octopus and squid. Collectors can decide for themselves which scene they like best, but we can’t resist that cute turtle!

Each floating animal comes with a transparent rod as part of a seafloor stand for enhanced display opportunities. Perhaps you have similar sets that you want to combine into one 'ocean world' collection? This latest 3in1 release would make a fine addition to any showcase and can be purchased multiple times to combine all three scenes.

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