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How Do You Store Seasonal LEGO?


How Do You Store Seasonal LEGO?

Christmas is wonderful, but it can be a lot of hard work for mums and dads to ensure the rest of their family have the best time possible. Like a sneaky, unnoticed elf at the North Pole, plenty of work goes into ensuring the wrapping paper is tidied up, everything is packed away, and the food and drink keep flowing.

If you’re reading this in the weeks following Christmas 2023, you might be polishing off some leftovers – or sitting on the couch and wondering what to do with all the new LEGO sets scattered around, perhaps half-built or posing a trip hazard.

These treasured gifts cost too much to allow brick pieces and elements to become jumbled up, so here are a few recommendations for keeping everything stored and neatly displayed.

LEGO storage

LEGO Storage Bags, Racks and Boxes

LEGO provide their own official storage products, which are great for storing some of the smaller sets such as starships and vehicles, but should primarily be used for loose pieces for kids who like to build models, then break them up and start again. There are also plenty of cheaper, non-branded brick storage products online.

LEGO 8-Stud Red Storage Brick Drawer

Transparent Blue LEGO Rack System

Sorting Box – Blue

Though useful and quirky additions to home décor, something bigger and better is needed for those larger, more expensive LEGO sets.

LEGO display cases

LEGO Display Cases and Coffee Tables

Some LEGO models are too epic, expensive and collectable to allow them to be broken apart and repurposed for MOCs. What you need is something to enhance the exhibitive potential of each set so it fits in with any home interior while out on display.

iDisplayit produces top-rated UK display products, using transparent, lightweight, yet sturdy acrylic to house each model. These exhibition cases not only look great but also keep the dust away, making the flat surfaces much easier to wipe down than the models themselves.

Many cases also come with special pre-applied acrylic backgrounds to add that extra touch of sophistication to your sets. Check out the Hogwarts Castle model above!

For something truly stylish, invest in a coffee table furniture-style unit, which features thicker 6mm acrylic and offers a fantastic addition to any living room.

Wall-mounted LEGO storage

How To Display Your LEGO On The Wall

You can easily add your favourite sets to your wall with these wall-mounted LEGO displays. This fantastic range includes LEGO Architecture sets with printed silhouette backgrounds, fun editions for LEGO Space sets, and even options to include collectable LEGO box packaging. Most products also include easily removable front panels for making adjustments.

Wall-mounted LEGO Minifigure displays

LEGO Minifigure Wall Displays

Don’t forget the minifigures! These wall-mounted LEGO Minifigure cases are perfect for storing away all those Star Wars and Marvel characters you or your kids got in this year’s LEGO advent calendar. With raised acrylic tiers and studs, each figure stands securely on display.

LEGO stands and storage

LEGO Stands For Ships and Vehicles

Sometimes, a full display case might take up too much room, in which case acrylic stands are perfect for ensuring the models can be showcased on a shelf or similar flat surface. They will also keep the models displayed at a fun, mid-flight angle while supporting their weight.

Check out a few LEGO display stands on the shelf above, on show beside some smaller display cases. Perhaps it’s time to grab a few for this year’s birthday gifts or even Christmas 2024!

LEGO displays


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