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Introducing Our New LEGO Minifigure Display Case Range

Exhibit 40, 60, 80 or 100 LEGO Minifigures With Our Stylish New Table-Top and Wall-Mounted Display Options

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Just launched! A substantial new range of premium tabletop and wall-mounted display cases for collectors to smartly showcase up to 100 LEGO minifigures while protecting them from dust and damage.

The new range includes tabletop and wall-mounted options designed to house 40, 60, 80 or 100 minifigures at home or as part of an exhibition or private collection.

In this blog, we look at why we created the new range and what new features are included…

Display Case for 40 LEGO Minifigs

An Innovative New LEGO Minifigure Display Design

We’ve tested plenty of minifigure display options over the years, including official LEGO boxes, but it is hard to find a display option that combines style, simplicity, practicality and reliability while looking equally smart when mounted on a wall or displayed on a flat surface. It can also be hard to find one with enough room for those epic collections (or armies) of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel or Simpsons brick figures. Many options are limited by size, and designed more for storage than visual showcasing.

Our challenge: to build the perfect minifigure display case to keep the figures protected and looking their best.

Acrylic Wall Display Cabinets for LEGO Minifigures

Wall-Mounted Display Cases For LEGO Minifigures

Our new design suits any collection, from 40 or less to up to 100 minifigures in one case. Each case is constructed from our usual high-quality transparent 3mm acrylic, including an option of black or white rear combined with the four levels of transparent shelving and studs to hold the minifigures in place.

It took us a long time to agree on which minifigures to put in our first completed display box, with plenty of rearranging going on! We figured most of our customers would also want to be able to change their minds and move figures around, so we made sure to include a removable front panel on the wall-mounted option.

Check out our final Harry Potter and Star Wars collections below!

Removable Front Panel on Wall Display Case

Tabletop Display Cases For LEGO Minifigures

Similar to the wall-mounted range, our tabletop options allow you to choose between a black or white base and display tier with matching studs. What sets the tabletop options apart is the carefully conceived four-tier stand system, which can be easily constructed for a reliable and durable support base for the minifigures. Most importantly, it allows all four rows of minifigures to remain visible at different angles, unlike competitor options where the collection is lost in a single, flat space.

As we mentioned before, we wanted collectors to be able to move figures around when trying out different display formations. The lid can be removed on the 40-minifigure tabletop case, while the other sized cases easily lift from the base.

We’re pretty pleased with how our superhero/Disney collection looks below!

Display Case Idea for LEGO Minifigures

Premium Quality and Materials

Each minifigure is securely attached to the raised tiers/shelves using 1x2 studs, holding the models in place without causing damage to the feet and fragile brick elements.

Most similar competitors use two single studs, which can bend the materials. Our studs fit most minifigure base types, including black display plates from LEGO minifigure mystery bag/box-style collections.

Our LEGO minifigure display cases are built to last from high-quality 3mm acrylic assembled in our UK warehouse. Each order is delivered flat-packed worldwide with straightforward, printed assembly instructions. No glue or additional assembly tools are required!

See the intelligent design of our studs in action below.

Display Ideas for Keeping LEGO Minifigures In Place

An Aesthetically Appealing Addition to Any Space

Our custom displays look perfect when mounted on a wall as part of your home décor, office, shop, reception or hallway, enhancing your collection as a visual art piece.

The tabletop versions are at home when presented on a flat surface, such as a desk, bookshelf or table, letting you show off and admire your collection at any time.

Harry Potter LEGO in Display Case on Wall

How To Display Small Minifigure Collections

There are so many creative ways to show off your individual or small groups of LEGO minifigures. We have seen plenty of collectors on Reddit, Instagram and Twitter design their own backgrounds and unique methods of display, from mirrored cases to 3D terrain and even turning their models into hanging ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Our Single Minifigure Display Case could easily be turned into a decorative ornament for the home, or added to a shelf or office desk.

We also have plenty of small collection options which have proved popular with customers over the years. Our 12 LEGO Minifigures Display Case is perfect for when you have one row of figures to showcase. You might also want to check out our LEGO Minifigure Army Display Case with room to display a base plate full of your army collection. The case is also stackable, so you can keep your growing collection together.

Display Your LEGO Army Minifigure Collection

Display Your LEGO Minifigure Collection

Find your perfect display case today…

Wall-Mounted Displays:

Wall-Mounted Display Case for 40 LEGO Minifigures

Wall-Mounted Display Case for 60 LEGO Minifigures

Wall-Mounted Display Case for 80 LEGO Minifigures

Wall-Mounted Display Case for 100 LEGO Minifigures

Tabletop Displays:

Tabletop Display Case for 40 LEGO Minifigures

Tabletop Display Case for 60 LEGO Minifigures

Tabletop Display Case for 80 LEGO Minifigures

Tabletop Display Case for 100 LEGO Minifigures

Starting to collect LEGO Minifigures

Start Your LEGO Minifigure Collection Today!

If you are looking for some fun LEGO minifigures to grow your collection, check out the below sets from our affiliates!*

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