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Taking A Look at the LEGO Motorised Lighthouse


LEGO Lighthouse Review

Here at iDisplayit, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new LEGO Motorised Lighthouse (21335) after seeing the model develop from an IDEAS entry from LEGO enthusiast ‘Roses Must Build’ into a fully approved LEGO set for production in June 2021.

The new creative model stands tall at just over 22 inches, an ideal height for such a visually dramatic building. From the moment our new set arrived, it was easy to imagine the lighthouse forming part of a larger LEGO modular city diorama or coastal scene. We will certainly be keeping an eye on how collectors display this set, so do let us know in the comments if you spot any epic displays!

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at this striking new LEGO brick collectable…

LEGO Lighthouse Display Case Background

LEGO Motorised Lighthouse – Externals

There’s no denying the picturesque appeal of the new model, especially important to collectors intending to showcase the new set as an art piece. The Aurora Point lighthouse is housed on a jagged rocky outcrop, intelligently formed from dark grey LEGO bricks to avoid being too linear.LEGO Lighthouse with Built In Light The accompanying cottage fits in place with plenty of room to arrange the lighthouse keeper, seagull, cat, and other paraphernalia in many ways. The old anchor covered in seaweed makes a nice addition, along with the rowing boat, which only adds to the delightful scene.

LEGO have excelled themselves in the colour scheme of the buildings, the combination of shining white, red rooftop and tan bricks forming a visually aesthetic design. The lighthouse itself also works well paired with a black gallery and cupola surrounding the authentically styled lantern pane.

It is worth mentioning that the light source also rotates using a Fresnel lens element in the style of an actual lighthouse – an authentic touch for lighthouse aficionados. Some would argue that the light could be brighter and less noisy when operating, though this is not a deal-breaker.

Our favourite part of the whole set has to be the hidden pirate’s cave below the rocky outcrop at sea level. Here, collectors can spot a secret pirate chest guarded by a sleeping bat. The cove also features another hidden surprise: the switch to turn the motorised light element on or off, disguised as part of the cave wall. We really like how LEGO managed to hide this lever within the terrain, although we must confess it took our friends a while to find it after showing them the newly built set!

Secret Light Switch on LEGO Lighthouse

LEGO Motorised Lighthouse – Interiors

Inside the cottage, the keeper’s quarters consist of a bed, along with essential items such as a broom, clock, pan and fork, a shelf with cheese and a bottle, a stove, a map, and a chest of drawers. Our biggest complaint with this part of the set is that the front door swings inward, making it hard to close without removing the roof. It would have made more sense to have the door open outwards.

There are plenty of fun curiosities inside the lighthouse cylinder, including a portrait and a ladder to reach the upper stories. Some LEGO sets can appear plain and unadorned when viewed from behind, but in this case, the set can be displayed with the rear sections of the lighthouse removed to showcase the interior rooms, offering a perfect 360-degree spectacle. The battery compartment is also neatly hidden by a removable rock section.

Interior Room in LEGO Lighthouse

Is The LEGO Motorised Lighthouse Worth Buying?

The LEGO Motorised Lighthouse (21335) is a beacon of brick-built style, with a classy design and stunning visual features. However, the price does leave much to be desired at £259.99, making this one of the most expensive sets from the IDEAS range.

That said, you are unlikely to see a better lighthouse model in brick form released anytime soon – and the set is undeniably pleasing on the eye. Lighthouse lovers will find plenty to approve of in this new LEGO release.

Bespoke Display Case for LEGO Lighthouse

How To Display Your LEGO Motorised Lighthouse

Plenty of thought went into constructing our premium custom presentation display case for the LEGO Motorised Lighthouse. We have given LEGO fans two options: a plain transparent case with the option of a black or white base or an exclusive version with a printed background and a water splash effect on the front panel.

Both options include a disguised side flap, which can be used to easily access the hidden switch to turn the light effect on or off. The case is delivered worldwide, with a flat-packed design for easy assembly using 14 of our unique clear screw fittings. The top is secured by lifting the clear surround over the model and slotting in place on the base.

Hidden Pirate's Chest in LEGO Ideas Set


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