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LEGO Round-Up – Disney Ideas Winner And Microscale Agrabah


Disney Ideas Winner And Microscale Agrabah

Back in July, we took a look at the latest LEGO Ideas fan MOC contest in our Disney 100 Years of Fairytales Entries blog. LEGO Ideas competitions always bring out a fantastic array of brick-built talent, and this year’s Disney fairy-tale-themed entry was no different.

Disney Magic by fan designer 2A2A has now been selected as the grand prize winner, with the victorious set due to enter official production in the future. In today’s LEGO Round-up, we’ll be taking a look at the prize-winning design before it is sent over to LEGO to be reworked for public release.

We’ll also be casting a glance over the latest LEGO Microscale Mini Disney Princess Castle – Palace of Agrabah 40613, due to be released on 1st October 2023.

Disney Magic

Disney LEGO Ideas 100 Years of Fairytales Winner Announced

It’s been a busy year of celebrations for Disney’s 100th anniversary, and the LEGO Ideas fairy-tale competition gave fans a chance to join in the fun by submitting their own tributes to the famous animation studio.

Fan builder 2A2A decided to symbolise the magic of the Disney stories by presenting Mickey Mouse in his iconic wizard apprentice hat from 1940’s Fantasia, as he ‘reveals’ brick-built references to popular Disney films.

At the front, we can see Belle with the magic rose from Beauty and the Beast stood beside the magic pumpkin coach from Cinderella. Aladdin also holds the genie lamp in front of the Sultan’s palace. To the left sits a stylish diorama-style vignette of Pride Rock from The Lion King. Above this, we see Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, and Pinocchio on the wooden raft. On the right, the cute Stich rides a wave while Elsa casts an ice-magic spell from above.

It’s impressive to see how many references to Disney films were incorporated into this build, and it will be interesting to see how many changes the LEGO team make when they bring us the final design. The use of flat LEGO elements lends this model a 3D artistic style, which would be well suited to a wall-mounted display.

Mini Disney Palace of Agrabah – 40613


This upcoming Disney LEGO set follows the style of LEGO Architecture sets such as Taj Mahal 21056 and Himeji Castle 21060, with the building set on a square base and constructed using micro-scale elements.

Agrabah Palace is a location from 1992’s Aladdin, whose design was inspired by ancient Arabian architecture presented in a heightened, fantasy style. The resplendent golden domed roofs and white brickwork give this build-and-display model a grand, stylish feel, perfect for decorating any Disney fan’s living room, study, or bedroom.

The consise palace includes a small hidden genie lamp and the beloved flying carpet used by Aladdin to escape from the Cave of Wonders. These micro-scale buildings look epic when displayed together, and we can’t wait to add the latest model to our collection – will you be purchasing the new set?

What other LEGO releases are on the horizon? Last week saw the announcement of another LEGO Ideas set – Viking Village 21343. Keep an eye out for our in-depth preview of this epic medieval set in tomorrow’s blog!





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