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Merry Christmas from iDisplayit – 2022 Year In Review


iDisplayit Merry Christmas 2022

With the big day nearly upon us, we thought we would take the chance to wish you, your family and all your friends a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And whatever you are doing or wherever you are going this year, we hope you get some time to assemble a new LEGO set or two!

It’s been an exciting year for LEGO, and the year ahead looks just as good, with the return of beloved franchises such as The Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. We’ve also seen new LEGO Star Wars, Marvel, Minecraft, Ninjago, and Super Mario releases officially announced to kick off 2023.

But before we look too far ahead, let’s glance back at some of our LEGO highlights for the year gone by…

LEGO Haul 2022

2022 Started with A Bang…

The year began with the 15th anniversary of LEGO Modular Buildings and the release of a special LEGO Boutique Hotel 10297 set. Fans had been hotly requesting the set for some time, and we quickly produced a display case to complement the building and add a touch of sophistication. The first few months of the year also saw the release of the Real Madrid - Santiago Bernabéu Stadium 10299 and a chance to travel the world with The Globe 21332.

April saw the arrival of probably one of our favourite LEGO sets ever made – the Back to the Future Time Machine 10300. We loved how you could opt to build one of the three different versions of the time-travelling car from each film. We couldn’t wait to get creative with our display cases, creating six different custom-printed vinyl backgrounds ranging from three eras of the Hill Valley clocktower to Lyons Estates to the Skyway and the Wild West.

We also had a lot of fun trying out a Back to the Future DeLorean BriksMax lighting kit – check out our blog detailing how we got on!

LEGO DeLorean Storage Display Cases - Premium

A Summer Of Art And Roller Coasters…

Following wonderful LEGO art sets such as Elvis Presley "The King" 31204, we also saw the arrival of the iconic The Rolling Stones 31206, completing a summer festival of music-themed LEGO sets.

Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night 21333 also sprung from the LEGO IDEAS collection, providing one of the most visually-pleasing sets of the year.

These LEGO Art sets allowed us to get creative with our wall-mounted display frames and stands, offering new options to collectors and LEGO displayers.

One of our most ambitious display cases for the year was made for the LEGO Icons Loop Coaster 10303, representing our first uniquely-contoured angled panel and a small door to access the set’s controls. Check out our LEGO Loop Coaster display case here.

LEGO Loop Coaster in Living Room Display

iDisplayit Hit The Road…

In July, we took a trip down to Olympia London for the annual London Film & Comic Con, where we showed off our display cases and stands to an army of cosplayers, enthusiasts, collectors and tradespeople.

As well as exhibiting some of our favourite LEGO sets, we gave attendees a chance to try out our arcade-style cabinet roller derby game, designed in-house by our Director, Steve Chan.

LFCC 2022 iDisplayit Display Table - LEGO

LEGO 90th Anniversary

August also saw the much-anticipated LEGO 90th anniversary celebrations, including reimagined releases of LEGO classics such as the Galaxy Explorer 10497 and Lion Knight’s Castle 10305.

We found it very nostalgic to return to these sets inspired by our youth. They also offered a chance to design some stylish contemporary LEGO display cases, including a printed background for the LEGO Galaxy Explorer.

LEGO Galaxy Explorer Behind Space Background

Innovative New LEGO Display Cases

Autumn was an exciting season for us, with the release of our newly-designed LEGO minifigure wall-mounted and tabletop display cases. These included innovative new features such as tiered acrylic and a disguised hook system to remove the front panels on our wall-mounted options.

Our thirteen LEGO Architecture wall display cases also included the city name and silhouette printed directly onto the acrylic for a smooth finish. Each design was fully-customised for each city, incorporating famous buildings and landmarks.

Living Room with LEGO Architecture on Wall

A Winter Trip To The Eiffel Tower…

What better way to round off the year than grabbing hold of the tallest LEGO set to date? After a long early morning queue at the LEGO store, we managed to get ours.

Stay tuned for exciting and groundbreaking display opportunities for the LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower 10307 set next year…

New 2022 Eiffel Tower made from LEGO


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