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Happy New Year – iDisplayit’s Favourite 2022 LEGO Sets

Join us as we Count down our favourite LEGO sets from last year

Happy New Year 2022 iDisplayit

Happy New Year, Bonne Année, and Feliz Año Nuevo!

By now, we expect you’re nursing a famous hangover and thinking about how to tackle the task of burning off that Christmas belly growth…

You might also be looking ahead to some exciting new LEGO sets this month, including models from franchises such as the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Super Mario, Avatar, and Disney.

New Year is traditionally a time of quiet reflection as we usher in the new calendar and take stock of the old. Many choose to sing the folk song Auld Lang Syne at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, which translates as times long past.

Auld Lang Syne New Year Old PhotoShould old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne?

In the spirit of the song, we thought it would be fun to get together in our office to reflect on our favourite LEGO sets from the previous year…

LEGO Lighthouse In Bespoke Display Case

LEGO Motorised Lighthouse 21335

We all loved this September LEGO release, and our customer service team chose it as their favourite set for the year.

It is hard to argue against this, as the lighthouse successfully combined stunning decals and aesthetics with a fun interactive element in the form of the moving mirrored light at the top. The minifigures had plenty of character, too – and we couldn’t wait to start designing our display case for the model.

In the end, we offered a printed background of the sea and a dark night sky waiting to be lit up. We also included a small door allowing access to the hidden motor switch in the swashbuckling sea cave.

You can still grab the LEGO Lighthouse set on the LEGO store for £259.99.

Grab our LEGO display case for the Motorised Lighthouse with printed background for £90.00. We also have a clear display case for £76.00.

If you want to read our in-depth review of the LEGO Lighthouse set, check out our blog published back in October.

Bespoke Display for LEGO Delorean Cars

LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine 10300

Some LEGO fans were concerned the 1st of April 2022 release date for the LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine may have been an April fool’s joke. After all, the prospect of a DeLorean replicated in perfect LEGO brick form with vehicle styles from all three films and the time-travelling minifigure duo of Doc Emmet Brown and Marty McFly in one set was almost too much to hope for…

Great Scott!!! It turned out to be real!

The LEGO ICONS Back to the Future was one of the fanbase’s best-received sets of the year. Our Director Steve Chan also chose this as his top set, which isn’t surprising when you consider he designed a whopping six different printed backgrounds for our LEGO Back To The Future Time Machine display case, available for £76.80.

The Back to The Future series spans four distinct time periods in the fictional Hill Valley, California. We wanted to create the best way to showcase and display the LEGO Back to The Future Time Machine, with the wild west, Lyons Estates, a futuristic skyway, and three different versions of the clock tower recreated as printed backgrounds on our clear display cases.

While designated as "hard to find", the LEGO DeLorean is still available on the LEGO online store for £169.99 at this blog’s publication date.

Space Theme Background for LEGO Galaxy Explorer

Galaxy Explorer 10497

Our content team went with the retro-inspired LEGO ICONS Galaxy Explorer, released on the 1st of August as part of a range of sets celebrating the LEGO 90th anniversary.

Based on the 1970s classic 497 LEGO Galaxy set, the new upscaled model still retained the instantly recognisable blue and grey starship decals, including four astronauts who all look like they have stepped out of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s also not often you see a yellow cockpit window anymore.

Something about this set evoked a feeling of nostalgia for us, even for those not born in the 1970s. To honour the set’s vintage feel, we produced a custom LEGO display case with a printed background to showcase the LEGO Galaxy Explorer in all its glory, available for £84.00.

You can also still get the Galaxy Explorer set on the LEGO online store for £89.99

Special Mentions Go To…

LEGO ICONS Loop Coaster – read all about the set in our blog, published in August.

LEGO ICONS Lion Knight’s Castle

LEGO Art Vincent Van Gogh – The Starry Night

Loop Coaster LEGO Set In Living Room

What were your favourite LEGO sets of the year? Let us know in the comments below.


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