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See Our New LEGO Architecture Wall-Mounted Display Case Range

Showcase all 13 of your LEGO Architecture cities in style with our new display options

LEGO Architecture Sets on Wall

If you are looking for the best way to display your LEGO Architecture micro-scale city building sets, look no further than our new range of 13 professionally-designed wall display cases for the popular LEGO range.

These display cabinets are a great way to show off your favourite city on the wall of your living room, bedroom, study, office or corridor, presenting the models in style while keeping them protected from dust, so they always look new and polished.

In this blog, we will look at some of the conceptual features we included during the design process…

Top-of-the-range LEGO Architecture Wall-Mounted Display Cases

The new design came from a desire to heighten the visual style of the LEGO Architecture sets and have a way to show them off together in one space. After careful consideration and design, we decided to combine a smart gold gradient silhouette of each city with a nametag, directly printed onto the black acrylic rear base. While we do regularly print pre-applied vinyl backgrounds on our display cases, we felt that these iconic models deserved something unique.

The creative interpretation of each city’s skyline has been exclusively created to feature all the major sites and buildings in a compact, instantly-recognisable shape. The gold pattern offers a design unavailable elsewhere in the LEGO display case market, allowing each city to be visually shown off to friends and visitors.

We have also displayed all 13 sets together on a wall and the result is a perfect LEGO collection, keeping our friends and family admiring each piece as they spy every detail, both on the models and the background!

Removable Cover for iDisplayit Wall Case

LEGO Architecture Display Cases With Removable Front Panel

Our front panel is designed to rest securely on the acrylic side panel's four disguised hooks. This design provides an easy, straightforward method of accessing the model without dismantling the display box or removing it from the wall, like so many competitor products.

It was also vital for the display unit to support the LEGO model itself, as well as a way to secure the display reliably to any wall surface. The LEGO set is held in place using a provided single 1x2 open stud on the base, with the remaining panels secured against the lower base and top using four quality screw fittings. The whole case is fixed together with acrylic supports hidden behind the rear base.

An Iconic Blend of Historic and Modern Architecture

The LEGO Architecture range offers a stunning collection of global city skylines for LEGO enthusiasts interested in travel, architecture, culture and history as a creative display set. Feel the romance in Paris, glimpse futuristic architecture in Dubai, wear flowers in your hair in San Francisco and admire renaissance history in Venice.

See the list below for the main collection of LEGO Architecture sets, with links on where to purchase the sets as well as where to buy the wall or desktop-style clear display cases.

LEGO Architecture Venice (21026)

LEGO Venice in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Berlin (21027)

LEGO Berlin in Display Case

LEGO Architecture New York (21028)

LEGO New York in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Sydney (21032)

LEGO Sydney in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Chicago (21033)

LEGO Chicago in Display Case

LEGO Architecture London (21034)

LEGO London in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Shanghai (21039)

LEGO Shanghai in Display Case

LEGO Architecture San Francisco (21043)

LEGO San Francisco in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Paris (21044)

LEGO Paris in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047)

LEGO Las Vegas in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Tokyo (21051)

LEGO Tokyo in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Dubai (21052)

LEGO Dubai in Display Case

LEGO Architecture Singapore (21057)

LEGO Singapore in Display Case


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