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The Top Five LEGO Starship Sets You Can Buy


LEGO starship sets to buy

Starships are the future boats of humankind. Like the great pioneering explorers who sailed the oceans to new lands, we dream of continuing our voyage into the unknown void above.

The history of spaceflight is a cluster of human achievement and speculative ideas from the best creative imaginations. From the real Apollo missions and the construction of the ISS to space operas and fantasy sagas like Star Wars, Marvel, and Star Trek, few things appeal more to us than the idea of an adventure into the stars.

Today’s blog looks at our five favourite LEGO starship sets you can still buy on the LEGO store website. Perhaps you received some LEGO gift vouchers for Christmas, or you feel like a new set to erase the January blues. In either case, strap yourself in and prepare to jump to lightspeed!

LEGO NASA Discovery wall-mounted display case

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283

This worthy tribute to the legendary Discovery Space Shuttle includes a fully-deployable Hubble Telescope and authentic brick details. The Discovery flew more times than any other spacecraft in its 27 years of service and is a worthy addition to the LEGO range.

We wanted to create an equally stylish display case for the Space Shuttle Discovery, so we opted for a wall-mounted option with a view of the earth from space. You can also purchase a standard display base.

Galaxy Explorer display case with stand

Galaxy Explorer 10497

Since the first LEGO Space brand sets in 1978, LEGO has recreated enough fantasy and real-world spacecraft to fill a black hole with plenty of authentic brick-built detail. We’ve seen some classics over the years, such as 1979’s Space Cruiser Moonbase and 1987’s Stardefender 200, but the original Galaxy Explorer 497 was a stone-cold classic.

The celebrate the 90th anniversary of LEGO creations, the company released a new version of the set paying homage to the original, with a fun retro look and updated bricks.

We couldn’t wait to get our own model when it was released, and we soon put together a Galaxy Explorer display case with a moon background and a Galaxy Explorer display stand to put it on.

LEGO International Space Station set

International Space Station 21321

Continuing our foray into real space achievements, we have to mention the LEGO IDEAS ISS, which recreates the internal space station still in orbit today.

The model includes a posable Canadarm2 and two joints combined with eight adjustable solar panels. LEGO also included a miniature space shuttle and display stand to help make this a centrepiece in any room.

We also created our own International Space Station Display Stand to really help the set stand out, along with an International Space Station Display Case with a black or white smooth acrylic base.

NASA LEGO Lunar Lander display case

NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

Technically, this is not a stand-alone spaceship, but it remains a symbol of our most significant achievement in space – landing someone on the moon in 1969.

This LEGO set was designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing event that mesmerised the world, including the two famous astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, in minifigure form. Apollo 11’s Eagle lunar module is recreated in accurate detail with plenty of fun brick-built details, including the U.S. flag, video camera and laser reflector, all used in the original mission.

iDisplayit’s display case for the LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander is the perfect accompaniment to the set, showing off your model on a smooth base without distracting attention away from the details.

Millennium Falcon 75192

No Star Wars or spacecraft enthusiast’s LEGO collection is complete without Han Solo’s iconic Millennium Falcon ship from the Star Wars saga.

This huge, detailed model presents the modified Corellian YT-1300 light freighter in all its glory, including quad laser cannons, a cockpit, a sensor dish and sublight engines. At over 7,500 pieces, this is an epic challenge for any LEGO builder and offers one of the most visually-appealing displays possible.

Exhibit the set in our popular UCS Millennium Falcon (Vertical) Display Case as pictured above, available with or without a pre-applied vinyl background effect. We also have a UCS Millennium Falcon (Horizontal) Display Case option, also offered with a combined display stand.

For something truly special, we also provide a Large Coffee Table for UCS Millennium Falcon, allowing you to show off the Falcon as a brick-built centrepiece in your living room or office waiting room.


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