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LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell Set Revealed


LEGO Rivendell New Set Reveal

In January’s Lord of the Rings Brickheadz blog, we discussed the rumours circulating that LEGO were working on a 6,000-strong LEGO brick set of Rivendell, the ancient hidden valley and last homely house west of the sea established by Elrond half-elven in the Second Age.

Now the rumours have been proven true, following a fun teaser post and the subsequent official announcement of set 10316.

Make no mistake – this is massive news for LOTR LEGO collectors. One does not simply see a new Lord of the Rings release and remain calm… not only is this the first new release for the theme (excluding the recent BrickHeadz) since 2014, but it is also the biggest Lord of the Rings LEGO set ever conceived. Praise the Valar!

As a location, Rivendell deserves nothing less than a large-scale LEGO imagining. Elrond’s seat of power was one of the most important elvish refuges against Sauron during the War of the Ring, housing countless artefacts, including the shards of Narsil (the sword that cut the One Ring from Sauron’s finger at the Battle of the Last Alliance).

LEGO Rivendell in a bespoke display box

It was also the location of the Council of Elrond, where the quest to destroy the Ruling Ring was conceived, and the Fellowship of the Ring was founded. Bilbo and his band of thirteen dwarves also passed through the mystical location on the quest to reclaim Erebor from the dragon Smaug during the events of The Hobbit. Unknown to them until later, Gandalf also met with the White Council there to lay plans to besiege the stronghold of the Necromancer to the south of Mirkwood.

This mighty set will be priced at £429.99 and will be available from 8th March 2023.

In the meantime, with plenty of images provided on the LEGO website, we asked our resident Tolkienite to cast an eagle eye over the new set to see what hidden details they could spot…

The Last Homely House West of the Sea

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about a LEGO release! The front view of this set is stunning, perfectly capturing the vivid autumnal colours of Rivendell’s buildings and surrounding features. Special mention goes to the choice of bricks on the roof and the tree foliage.

On the right, we can see the domed pergola where Arwen appeared to Aragorn in a dream in the film adaptation of The Two Towers, right next to the bridge where she gifted him the Evenstar pendant. We can also see one of the many elvish lanterns Tolkien describes, hanging over the elven forge where the shards of Narsil were reformed into Anduril, Flame of the West.”

The House of Elrond

“I’m really impressed with how LEGO have laid this Middle Earth set out to include so many sections of what is, in reality, a large location, with spread out areas. Inside the building, we see the iconic foyer where the shards of Narsil are guarded over by the enigmatic elvish statue.

I’m pleased to see the portrait of Sauron included on the wall, along with several tapestries, appearing to reference the journey across the sea to Valinor and the high city of Gondolin. The building also hides the study where Bilbo gifted Frodo the mithril vest and the bedroom where the young hobbit awoke after foiling the Nazgul at the Fords of Bruinen.”

The Council of Elrond

“Elrond’s house leads onto the circular platform where the fabled council took place, complete with the central plinth on which rests The One Ring. The general detail here is astounding, especially the relief sculptures cast into the tower beside them.

The set includes not only the entire fellowship but also additional elves, including Lord Elrond. The other two remain unnamed, though there is a chance they could be Elladan, Elrohir, or perhaps Glorfindel. The inclusion of an elderly Bilbo Baggins and Gloin, Gimli’s father, truly makes this set one for minifigure collectors to covet.”

Rivendell LEGO Minifigures


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