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Our high-quality vertical display case for the LEGO® NASA Saturn V (21309/92176) will keep your set protected from dust and other debris. Plus, it's made in the UK and designed by us, so you know you're getting a premium product. The case also has extra height, if you want to display your Saturn V on a MOC grey launch platform (not included).
Int. Length21cm Int. Width21cm
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A large acrylic clear case, exclusively designed so you can showcase your LEGO® NASA Saturn V shuttle with the MOC Launch Tower. Perfect for keeping your set dust-free and the best way to show it off as a centrepiece.
Int. Length47cm Int. Width39cm
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Give your LEGO® Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 model a premium, professional look by displaying it in our UK made wall-mounted display case.
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Display your LEGO® Space Shuttle Discovery set in style with the iDisplayit acrylic case . It's great for keeping the dust off your LEGO bricks and provides plenty of space to show off your shuttle in various postions.
Int. Length65cm Int. Width39cm
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The iDisplayit acrylic display case for LEGO® International Space Station (21321) is an awesome way to showcase your LEGO masterpiece.
Int. Length52cm Int. Width26cm
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A clear angled display stand, designed especially for the LEGO ® Ideas International Space Station (21321) set.
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This is a 3 in 1 case design for LEGO ® Ideas 21309/ 92176 NASA Saturn V. Wall-mounted horizontally Wall-mounted vertically Desktop case and stand
Int. Length102cm Int. Width18cm
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If you are looking for a premium and high-quality display box for your LEGO® NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, then our acrylic case is the perfect choice for you. With worldwide shipping options and made from the UK, you can have this case shipped to your doorstep.
Int. Length26cm Int. Width26cm
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A high-quality acrylic display case to showcase your LEGO® Ideas 21309 / 92176 NASA Saturn V in a horizontal position. The model can also be separated into three sections.
Int. Length110cm Int. Width18cm