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All The LEGO Speed Champions Sets Coming Out Next Month


LEGO Speed Champions March 2023

Fans of ultra-fast modern sports car brick collectables will not have long to wait before the next four LEGO Speed Champions sets are released in March.

Since the auto racing-inspired theme was introduced in 2015 (based on designs by LEGO Design Manager Chris Stamp) collectors have seen a garage worth of classic and modern-styled cars released from real-world car brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Audi and Aston Martin. These include electric hypercars alongside traditional petrol-head favourites and muscle cars from Dodge and Shelby.

The models are popular LEGO sets for adults, with LEGO confirming the theme is intended for the 18+ age range without officially being labelled as such. They are also reasonably affordable for collectors, with most available around the £20 price bracket.

The release of January’s Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T pushed the number of Speed Champions sets to over 50, proving the popularity and longevity of this flourishing theme.

Buckle up, punch the gas, hit top gear and prepare to accelerate as we test drive the newest additions…

LEGO Speed Champions Pagani Utopia

Pagani Utopia - 76915


The first new set racing onto the track is the mid-engine sports car from the Italian manufacturer Pagani, with its distinctive timeless silver alloy and domed cockpit roof.

Company founder Horacio Pagani initially asked his team to create a motorsports vehicle encapsulating “simplicity, lightness, and the pleasure of driving”. Unfortunately, we’ll never be able to afford the real vehicle to see if that was achieved, though collectors can enjoy the next best thing in the brick-built replica of this new-for-2023 hypercar, representing the first Pagani car in the LEGO range.

Signature details include the 4-pipe exhaust, swooping bodywork, and a cool messy-haired racing driver minifigure.

LEGO Speed Champions Porsche 963

Porsche 963 - 76916


Porsche’s LMDh sports prototype was designed to race in the FIA World Endurance Championship and IMSA SportsCar Championship under the Hypercar and GTP (Grand Touring Prototype) classes. The vehicle was heavily influenced by 1980s Porsche models such as the 956 and 962.

Filling the driving seat this time is a slightly more suave-haired minifigure, taking the wheel of this stunning recreation of the real-life car model. The Porsche 963 Le Mans Daytona Hybrid features stand-out red, white and black decals, pronounced wheel arches, and recognisable rear bumpers, cleverly realised through LEGO bricks.

LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Solus and F1 LM

McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM - 76918


As reflected in the price, this is essentially a double-pack Speed Champions set, showcasing the modern McLaren Solus GT and the classic 1990s F1 LM model, two limited-production track-orientated mid-engined sports cars.

Two racing driver minifigures are included in this box, offering a stylishly aligned set of vehicles from different eras. The limited edition F1 LM model is decorated with distinctive papaya orange paintwork and side cooling ducts, while the Solus GT enjoys a rear wing and recognisable black, white and orange exterior.

LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari 812

Ferrari 812 Competizione - 76914


There are plenty of previous LEGO Speed Champion Ferrari set releases, but that won’t stop us from adding the latest addition to our collection! The Ferrari 812 Competizione model is a beast of engineering power and performance, epitomising the brand’s concept of a front-engined Berlinetta.

The LEGO set faithfully recreates the instantly-recognisable Rosso Corsa (Racing Red) paintwork, along with the yellow stripe effect, signature headlights and vortex generators.

LEGO Speed Champions On Display

Displaying LEGO Speed Champions Cars

We have an exclusive range of LEGO Speed Champions clear display cases, which have all been specially designed to hold small to large collections, with different orientation options depending on whether you want to showcase models head or side-on from a front view position.

Our display boxes for 2, 4, or 8 Speed Champion vehicles are all stackable, thanks to the disguised cut-outs on the base, which allow the screw fittings to slot into a similar case placed on top. You can also purchase cases with a clear base to improve the aesthetic of this effect.

Check out the above photo of our own collection, where we have opted for a black/white base on the bottom case and clear base above, allowing the vehicles to be smartly seen at different angles through the clear acrylic.


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