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Six New LEGO Harry Potter Sets Coming Out Next Month


2023 LEGO Harry Potter sets

Since the Harry Potter LEGO theme’s inception in 2001 (coinciding with the movie release of Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone), LEGO collectors have enjoyed over two decades of magical Wizarding World sets.

These spellbinding creative brick models have encompassed numerous locations from the franchise, such as the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley and Privet Drive, including countless minifigures and quirky dioramic set pieces from the movies along the way.

You can read a handy history of the Harry Potter theme on the LEGO website and how it has evolved over the years, starting with the very first set, The Sorting Hat (4701).

2023 promises to start the year in captivating style for the theme, with six new sets due for release in March. Stick your invisibility cloak on and cast your protective spells as we take a sneaky look at the latest additions…

Gryffindor Common Room LEGO

Gryffindor House Banner (76409)


If you’re feeling courageous and brave of heart, you may want to invest in this clever new set which folds out from an exhibition-worthy signet of the famous lion crest and burgundy house colours to show the Gryffindor common room.

The enchantingly imagined room includes plenty of fun surprises, not least the 3D image of Sirius Black, which appears in the fireplace thanks to a sliding lenticular backboard.

While the interior section is fun to look at, we feel that the true purpose of this new set is to hang the crest on a wall, preferably alongside the other four crests in formation.

Slytherin Common Room LEGO

Slytherin House Banner (76410)


If guile, cunning and ambition are your mantras, you’ll want to get hold of the vivid green Slytherin house banner, which opens out to reveal a common room with plenty of quirky details, including a portrait of Salazar Slytherin, a skull placed above the fire, and evil-looking green lamps.

The minifigures in this set include Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini.

Hufflepuff Common Room LEGO

Hufflepuff House Banner (76412)


Most Potterheads like to think they would be destined to join Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in Griffindor if they ever attended the famous school, but we're convinced most people would secretly prefer the comfort of Hufflepuff.

The honey-coloured common room includes a portrait of the jolly Helga Hufflepuff and minifigures of Cedric Diggory, Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott.

Ravenclaw Common Room LEGO

Ravenclaw House Banner (76411)


Last but not least is the blue-enthused Ravenclaw banner, complete with an enigmatic black raven crest. In the common room, collectors will find Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood and Michael Corner in LEGO minifigure form, including the cutest element from any of the new sets – a tiny Cornish Pixie!

Triwizard Tournament LEGO

Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake (76420)


This is the new set we’re anticipating the most, as it features the highly iconic lake-side location from Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, where Harry tackled the second task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Included in the set are two very unique minifigures of Victor Crumb in his transfigured shark-head form, as well as an eye-catching Merperson and Grindylow. We also get Harry Potter with his spell-induced flipper feet.

This set cleverly combines two separate sections which attach together – the above-surface diving platform and a below-surface underwater kingdom, including two imprisoned minifigures of Ron and Hermione.

Room of Requirement LEGO

Hogwarts: Room of Requirement (76413)


It is interesting that we’ve had to wait so long for this mysteriously magical room to be realised in LEGO form, but better late than never.

The Room of Requirement features in several of the films and books, and the near-limitless displays of treasure are represented by stacks of brick items (with plenty of hidden references, such as the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw). A Fiendfyre serpent guards over the loot.

This set is the latest in the long-running series of Hogwarts Castle sections which combine to make the entire castle. Owners of previous sets will not want to miss this one.


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