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LEGO Planning to Reveal New Dreamzzz Theme


New LEGO Dreamzzz Theme

We’re expecting LEGO to officially announce their new Dreamzzz theme any week, as the German Patent and Trademark Office recently confirmed a trademark application was submitted for upcoming LEGO Dreamzzz sets, expected to be released this summer, 2023.

What Is the New LEGO Dreamzzz Theme?

From what we can gather online, the theme will follow the story of Meteo and Izzy, who can transport themselves to a Dream World with the help of their AI robot Z-Blob. Once inside the dreamy landscape, they travel around using magical portals and purple mushrooms – trippy!

The idea of stepping into a dream for real sounds intriguing and certainly relates to core LEGO ideals of creativity, inspiring play and engaging the imagination.

With the use of a dream setting, we might expect to see the usual rules of physics and design loosened to allow for weird, wonderful and strange places and objects.

LEGO Dreamzzz

Which New LEGO Dreamzzz Sets Will Be Released?

The following set names and numbers have been leaked –

30636 Z-Blob and Bunchu Spider

71453 Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny

71454 Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot

71455 Grimkeeper the Cage Monster

71456 Mrs. Castillo’s Turtle Balloon/Van

71457 Pegasus Flying Horse

71458 Crocodile Car

71459 Stable of the Dream Creatures

71460 Mr. Oz’s Spacebus

71461 Fantastical Treehouse

71469 Knightmare Shark Ship

We do like the sound of some of these sets, which strike us as an eclectic range of characters, locations and ideas. We’re intrigued to see how knights and sharks mix, not to mention where Pegasus, the flying horse from Greek mythology, fits in. And who wouldn’t want to ride on a spacebus?

We’ll keep an eye out for more announcements and, hopefully, some official pictures from LEGO soon!
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