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Another great case from I display it
This is very well made case, the back drop and floor plate, makes this very colourful and makes bowser stand out.
Very good case, I brought 2 of these cases, I used them for starwars at at walker's, they fit perfectly.
I display it cases are quality, very easy to put together,
Very good display case. Dust free and tidy.
I think that this Succulents LEGO set is my favourite out of the Botanicals range...it's just so...so different from anything else that I've got...and now it's safely protected from dust and dirt inside this brilliant case! The case is large enough for you to position the model either straight on to an edge...or at an angle, depending on how you like the model to be viewed!
The 'plus sized' display case is just perfect for displaying my three Minions LEGO creations as well as my smaller Minion Minifigures. There's lots of space inside the case, so they don't look at all cramped. The extra space also means that the edges of the case is not distracting when they are on display!
I've always liked owls, as well as being a fan of Harry Potter...so was really pleased when they really pleased when they released this flying Hedwig set. Most of the time he's safely protected from collecting dust inside this case...but the transparent case can easily lifted off when I feel the urge to give him a quick flap of his wings! The case is nice and roomy, so I'm hoping to be able to soon add my model of Dobby alongside Hedwig!
This is a fantastic case for displaying my LEGO House Dinosaurs set! There is even room within the case to include my smaller dinosaurs that were part of the Tribute to LEGO House (set 40563). I think they look great together and are now fully protected from collecting dust and dirt!
This is a really great Display Case, perfect for protecting the LEGO House Tree of Creativity set. Like all the cases from iDisplayit, the build quality is fantastic and it's really easy to put together!