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Well designed and built. Love the build mechanism on these cases. So simple and easy. Displays the Cody and Rex Clone Wars Helmets perfectly.
A very dynamic position to display the x-wing. Replaced the brick built one perfectly. Doesn’t take up too much space with any unnecessary base plate. Simple to build and great quality. Also ordered the vertical stand, which is even better!
A very effective no fuss way of displaying some of my Star Wars Helmet collection. Perfect size for the models but also fit on the shelf with plenty of space. Easy to build, great quality and value.
This stand allows the display of the Star Destroyer to sit perfectly on my cabinet without any overhang from the brick built Lego stand. Very sturdy and clips into the internal framework so can move about as per Lego design.
The brick built lego stand is limited in how you can display the set. This vertical display stand is very unique and gives a much better view of the x wing on display. Very sturdy and easy to build.
Great quality. Perfect display angle and very sturdy on stand.
Delivered quickly and the background makes the display perfect
Plus I am not taking a brush to the dust every few days
Great case and as per usual, well packaged and speedy delivery.
Quick delivery, easy to assembly with thorough but simple assembly instructions. Also YouTube video from iDisplayit for this Mark 2 stand was very helpful. Stand seems of high quality and strong enough for the job.
It arrived in good condition, and was able to fit the entirety of the BTS Dynamite LEGO set.