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Excellent product for displaying your Lego Speed Champions cars (or other similar sized models).
Delivery: Sooner than expected which was good.
Instructions: Could be a little clearer...is a simple product but took me a beat to work out how it goes together (especially the roof which just sits on top rather than attaching)
Craftsmanship: Superb.
Overall: Excellent. Expensive for what it is but looks good enough to warrant it.

Negative: The sole negative of this product is the protective film that is on both sides of each panel. It took the better part of an hour to remove the film from all the panels...there is no tab on a corner of anything so you end up picking at corners till you finally peel enough away. They really need tabs or something. It's not enough to detract from the product but an annoyance
This case is another, well made case from I display it.
Wow, great case. Quick delivery and great service as usual. Finishes off my man cave!.
A perfect stand for the Creator/idea series vehicles. Sturdy and elevate the set into a dynamic display, but due to not being fixed you have the flexibility to adjust angle and positions.
This another good case from I display it, with a good background.
Good case, the lego heads fit pretty well, with a good space between them.
Good case
Brilliant case very neat and easy to build
Another great case from I display it
Nice little case doesn't take up much, easy to stack.