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The idisplayit case is just the for your large lego man. He can't leave your side and it keeps him clean & safe. The case is very strong and only takes a few minutes to put together.
The ideal extra, a Bat cave for your Batmobile. The case is the usual quality you get from idisplayit, strong and easy to put together a real must for your Lego.
The idisplayit case is yet again easy to put together and very strong. The ideal protection to your lego model plus it keeps it clean.
Yet again the ideal garage for my Lego Vehicle. The model comes with so many extras this is the best result. Idisplayit have done it again with this excellent case which is easy to put together.
This is a great standthe 2-1 display angles make it flexible for display but doesn’t compromise the quality
As others have said - having a great display where the legs could stay on were key to buying. Incredibly sturdy and of great quality
The quality of build and unique display angle make this a must
What a fantastic case, quality is *****.
Another fantastic case, my son loves them and so do I.
For a pretty rudimentary design of polycarbonate, from the outset I determined that it was pretty rich on the back pocket, but it wasn't until receiving it in-hand, that these assumptions were absolutely solidified.
It's flimsy even when bolted together, though it does look nice on the wood base.
However, by far the most disappointing aspect is that, again - for the price - the panels are not even AR (Anti-Reflective) coated. Meaning most viewing angles suffer reflections of the surrounding objects, much worse than glass (as the green tinge of glass mutes a lot of these reflections), but the biggest let down here is that, when you have the Titanic kit lighted - as I painstakingly did with the LMB kit - that's when it looks MOST terrible. As the reflections in low light when lit up, sadly just act as if every piece of plastic is a mirror, ghosting the ship with doubles from almost every surface and angle, which looks unsightly and makes it impossible to take in any of the detail. The reflections make it look like 2 ships side by side, so 4 funnels become 8, every LED light gets doubled and mirror-reflected off the plastic, etc. Really, for the price I would have expected some amount of AR coating to actually be able to see the ship properly, especially when lit up. I ended up having to put a big sheet of copper behind the display, so when the light reflects off the plastic, it's a more muted colour that bounces back. This is certainly one example where polycarbonate has NO advantage over glass - as mentioned - the poly may be clearer than glass, but when every surface acts as a mirror, you can't see the detail through the panelled surfaces. A real shame, and a massive letdown. Once again, because this ain't even close to cheap.