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This is a great Display Case for the LEGO ideas Globe. The case is large enough to allow The Globe to be displayed front on (so that the display plate in parallel with an edge) or for you to display it at a 45 degree angle (so that the curved stand element of the model faces into one of the corners). I've set my model up on an angle, as I like the feature of the 'stand'...and this alignment gives a better view of that feature! My lovely model is now beautifully presented and fully protected from dust!
The Bonsai Tree LEGO set is a really great model, with lots of scope for customisation...but like with a lot of models it's quite hard to keep dust free. So, it's great to be able to have it protected with this case, but still highly visible and easily accessible so that I can change the model through the seasons.
I was looking for a stand to elevate my LEGO Helicopter off the ground so that it looked like it was flying/hovering...and also so that it was more visible above some over models and this 4cm Flat Display Stand does that job perfectly. With my model being smaller than the models that the stand is aimed for, I only needed the smaller attachment, but the stand would certainly be strong enough to hold a much larger/heavier model if needed!
I bought this little stand, not to display a car...but do display the 'Fighter Plane' from my 'Race Plane 3 in 1 Set'. I love the angle that it gives to the model and also helps the three models to fit in my display case without them all being at the same angle!
I loved the LEGO 'Race Plane' 3 in 1 set so much that I decided to by three sets so that I could build the Race Plane, Fighter Jet and Helicopter. Having seen the dust they collected when simply sat on my little table I decided to see if there was a case that the three of them would fit in and found this case which perfectly fitted the size of the table and could accommodate all three models. I'm really pleased as it saves me a lot of dusting and displays them perfectly!
I was looking a case to display and protect some of my LEGO Superhero Minifigures and the Display Case is just perfect! I love the way that the studs are built into the base plate, meaning that the minifigures are firmly held in place, without the need for individual base plates. All in all a great case!
I'm really, really pleased with the display case for LEGO Treehouse Set, it perfectly protects the model and stops it from accumulating dust, while being large enough to allow perfect viewing without the joins of the case spoiling the appearance!
Another top quality display case that allows me to show off my executor super star destroyer in all its glory. Looks great and will keep it dust free for as long I display it. Thanks guys!
I started off buying one of these, as (stupidly) i ordered from another fit 50% of the figures in the case.
These 99% of minifigures and can even fit the winged ninjago figures (the wings pass behind the next figure, but they do fit.
Easy to fit together and easy to access the figures by sliding the front upwards.

I loved them so much i bought three in the end
I ordered these for my 1989 Batmobile and Tumbler. Such a simple design that displays them both in a really dynamic position, and are so easy to adjust and reposition. For the price as well they are a perfect solution to displaying these awesome sets, and allows shelf space instead of huge unsightly base plates.